If writing is a muscle then it needs regular workouts…

Half of our third year students choose to study the ‘Critical Practitioner’ – a three month course run in the first term of the final year (in 2016). By the end of the unit every student had produced some fantastic creative writing and a critical report about the process. Their fiction, manifestos, blog posts, editorial letters, reviews, short stories, poems and more ended up in a course publication. Students pick its name – in 2015 it was The Creative Debut, in 2016 it was Collective. The rest of the group took their photography skills further, there will be a post, soon, showcasing some of their work.

Here’s a tiny taste of the ideas that inspired the Critical Practitioner students from 90s Hip Hop to Jean Paul Sartre.

Inside Collective (2016) and The Creative Debut (2015). (c) cmclcc

Both publications had a launch event, attended by students and their friends or family at Elephant & Castle.