It’s hard deciding what university course to study (for most people), so we asked some of the current 2nd years what made them pick Contemporary Media Cultures (it’s not exactly five reasons, but…). And for fun, there’s a poll too. Hope this helps you decide if media is the right course for you – and if it is, do join us.

  1. Do you want to examine the role media, cultural and creative processes play in the shaping of all aspects of contemporary social life?
  2. Would you like to learn about media and cultural theory in an art and design university that emphasises creativity, innovation, exploration, discovery and collaboration?
  3. How do you like learning? This degree guides you through a series of case study-led units that help you understand the links between the academic concepts and discussions explored in the degree and how these ideas can be applied using a range of media.
  4. You don’t just learn what to do and how to do it – you also learn why you’re doing it. This course is different from others because the practical elements are designed specifically to help you develop your critical thinking, by putting your ideas into practice.
  5. This course prepares you for a successful career in whatever area of the media you choose to go into, from photography to marketing, journalism to filmmaking, curation to web design.

You can tell us how you are feeling right now about media by doing the poll.

Q: What made you choose this media degree?

Check that hoodie.
Check that hoodie.

Fiammetta: “To shape my critical views on cultural and social events.”

Savah: “I guess because it’s quite broad, so if I change what I want to do as a job, then I can.”

Shanakay: “I did fine art at GCSE and A level so I wanted to study something different – it’s broader than fine art.”

Jamie: “I have a lot of interests in the creative side of things, but I didn’t know specifically if I wanted to focus on one thing.”

Klaudia: “I wanted to extend my knowledge from A level, and focus on the creative side of the industry.”

Luis: “Because I did film studies in A level. Media is a broad topic and I like that. Also I wasn’t that interested in other academic studies.”

Bilyana: “I’m more interested in cultural studies, but the media has a huge impact on culture nowadays so it feels like the right choice.”

Ryan: “I’m really interested in the way media effects society, so it is easy for me to study because I’m interested in the subject.”

For more about the course have a look here.