On our contemporary media cultures (CMC) course learning is exciting.

The photo above is of Dr Charlie Oughton preparing to give a lecture with his ‘teaching props’…

Bound dissertations by past 3rd year students in the Media office.
Bound dissertations by past 3rd year students in the Media office.

Dr Susan Flynn, who is a lecturer on BA Contemporary Media Cultures, BA Media Communications and the MA Media Communications & Critical Practice, adds:

“We’re conscious of how London can be seen as a transient place, where people come to study or work, people travel through or live here for certain parts of their lives. I’m leading the Global Media Cultures unit (on the BA Contemporary Media Cultures known as CMC) where 1st year students learn to build a website. They are asked to consider globalisation as their theme, so many are thinking about creating websites for different communities in London. We discuss how London welcomes, or fails to welcome,diverse groups and how popular media can ‘mediate’ in this situation by creating a virtual community online.

“The unit is going well; we are really lucky to have a very diverse student group in 1st year and their different perspectives lead to interesting discussions and approaches. Students in this unit have to come up with their own ideas for a website so they have found that a bit daunting, but they are rising to the challenge! The best thing about the 1st year is that students realise that there isn’t necessarily a ‘right answer’ for everything and they discover how much creative freedom there is on this course.”

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