Students on the Contemporary Media Cultures course are from all over the world, including China. This mix gives a unique perspective to your studies and an amazing address book. As this blog post by Rena Song (published in autumn 2016) hints, it might also help you discover more about cosplay…

Hi there. I’m Rena Song from Guangzhou, China. I came to the UK when I was 15 and spent three years living in Oxford. Currently I’m doing contemporary media cultures at UAL. To be honest I don’t think I’m a chatty, out-going person but I do have a wide range of interests. I love films and Japanese animes. I sometimes work as a cosplayer, make-up artist, translator and barista. Here are some photos:


ABOVE: Cosplaying Ohana Matsumae from Hanasaku Iroha (Blossoms for Tomorrow)


ABOVE: cosplaying Kiss-shot from Kizumonogatari (Wound Story)



ABOVE: assisting the interview with the first three foreign employees in the Chinese government department, in Foshan, working for  theoverseas channel, Guangdong Radio and TV Station.


ABOVE: drawing with chocolate sauce on plates for demonstration purposes, working for McCafe.